Why I'm trying for Traditional Publishing

So many people have suggested since I've told them I've written a book that I should e-pub. Lots of reasons to go with e-publishing, you get to keep all your own rights, you don't have to pay any percentage of the profits to agents or editors, immediate and world-wide distribution. But there are some good reasons to go the traditional route of getting an agent and trying to traditionally publish. I thought I'd write a post about why I'm going the way of the good ol' glue and paper publishing. Reasons below:

1. I don't know enough people. If I were famous or already had a team of marketing geniuses on my payroll, I'd totally go e-pub. But truth be told, it's easy to get lost in the sea of e-pub when nobody has heard of you/heard of your book.
2. Having an agent is like having a real estate agent, yes, you can sell your house without one, but how long would it take you?
3. I'm self absorbed. I'd like to see my name in print.
4. I like something physical. I love the feel, the smell and taste, (yes sometimes I bite my pages) of real books. Plus, it's easier to give away copies of your book for Christmas when they're in print.
5. Can't sign a e-pub copy. Book tours just wouldn't be as much fun.
6. An agent brings a whole set of networking and tools that are indispensable to a writer.
7. If it goes through traditional publishing channels, I know I've produced the very best work I've ever written. Much too easy to say "good enough" and then e-pub.
8. Author photograph on flap. Need I say more?
9. Not being able to get an agent is NOT a good reason to e-pub. Means, I need to write better.
10. Ego fluff. I know, but it'd be really great to have someone validate your work as a writer. I said it. It's true. There.

Monday I'm going to ask reader questions about what women like in a male protagonist, so be ready to give your opinions! Thanks!


  1. I could not agree more! I prefer to hold and carry a real book rather than scroll down a computer screen. I always look at the author's picture flap and I enjoy their little personal bio!....ps If I ever borrow a book from you, I
    Going to look for gnaw marks! :)

  2. They're there, but they're probably from the one year old! :)


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