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Top Ten Tips for traveling Paris like a Pro

Week 1 Paris! I highly recommend visiting Paris in the Spring. But to make sure you have the best time, I’ve compiled a set of lists. Here is the first one with longer explanations below. Top ten Tips for visiting Paris: 1.Weekly Metro passes start on Mondays and only Mondays 2. Bring a passport picture if you want a weekly bus pass 3. Order carbonated water 4. Don’t go on a jour de féirié (holiday) if you plan on shopping. 5. Don’t drink tap water 6. Learn at least how to say, “I don’t speak French.” 7. Don’t leave a tip 8. When eating out, clearly signal the waiter, they won’t interrupt you. 9. Bring good walking shoes but not tennis shoes and practice walking up stairs 10. Don’t talk loud in English anywhere 1. Weekly metro/bus passes is the cheapest way to get around. Unless you're afraid of being underground, use the metro or the buses to get around. There is Uber, but I always think that if you are in Paris, act as the Parisians. Also if you get there b

French Holidays that are horrible for shopping

List of French holidays to avoid if you want to shop: New Years Day Good Friday Easter and Easter Monday 1 May 8 May Ascension Day (40 days after Easter) Pentecost Monday 14 July Assumption Day 1 Nov 11 Nov Christmas Day Boxing Day (Day after Christmas) Americans must be opposite of the French on this one thing: Shopping. While Paris shopping, I think, is some of the best in the world, you have to be careful and not go on Holidays. In the US, we shop on holidays, but in France, they close the shops and enjoy a day of vacation with their families walking around the parks or eating with friends.