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February Slumps

February is such a hard month for me. Thankfully it's only twenty-eight days long! Maybe it's because Christmas is over and paid for. Really I think it's because it's cold. I'm solar-powered. Not sure I can live north of the Mason-Dixon line. I'm having a hard time staying motivated. For Valentine's Day, my husband got me a novel-writing aid, Scrivener. I've imported my latest WIP, but I just stare. I've written the whole first draft, but at chapter 20 or so, it lags. How do I fix it? I asked the baby Budda, the all-knowing oracle of cuteness (my 9-month old) and he shook his head at my latest solutions. Now what? Part of the problem is that the said 9-month old is waking every hour, sometimes less at night. My creative brain is fried. How do you keep going under some crazy stress?