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School's in again. That means I'm back to writing full-time. At least that's what I committed to on the first day of school. "Nothing is going to keep me from prioritizing my writing time," I said to my husband that morning. Foolhardy declaration. I was in the kitchen when I heard the phone buzz. It wasn't my phone but my husband was showering so I picked it up and said with a formal voice, "This is Amey Zeigler."  You never know when the next agent is going to call and I want to get in the habit, so even though it was my husband's phone, and I knew no agent was calling on his phone, especially from a local number, I still answered it with my most professional voice. "Mom!" I heard.  My near teenage daughter sounds normal in real life, but on the phone she sounds like a four-year-old and this was amplified by the pleading in her voice that sounded close to tears.  "They won't let me go to class!" "What?"