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Givaway Time!

Baker's Dozen is featured on the BookSweeps giveaway !  Win free books and download freebooks. I was a little skeptical, so I went to the site and signed up. All the books look so interesting and fun! I had to click on all the authors. So check it out! This won't last long! Be sure to sign up for author newletters and download some free books!

Marketing Plan ideas for Authors

I'm going to share my marketing plan so that others can see what I'm doing and why. Most of your promotion should be done before your book is released. You want to build hype before the book comes out. You can also host mid-year sales, and anniversary sales.  Step one : Develop a marketing plan by asking and answering the following questions Who is your audience? Define their ages, (don’t say 18-99--the more specific the better) What other books are they reading? What hobbies do they enjoy? What do they not like? What appeals to them? What kind of images would attract their attention? Where does your audience hang out? Where do they live in cyber world? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Book review blogs?  What’s different about your book? Step Two : Create a brainstorm cloud with your book in the center. Now add all the ways you can reach your defined audience. Other bubbles include: Your newsletter Your blog Your Youtube channel Your Twitter account You