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New Story

I forgot to post somewhere that I started a new story. Completely different from the first one, except the main character is a girl and it's a comedy like the last one. I've always liked to make people laugh and cry, too. That comes from studying drama and manipulating people's emotions. Anyway, I can't remember when I started it. Probably about the time I read one an agent's post that they are sick of urban fantasy, and mine was an urban fantasy (which was what I liked to read when I was in high school) and so, I put that one aside while my professor was looking over my last story. I'm about 40k words into it. I don't know how it's going to end, but it's been fun, different because it's set in a real place with real things and almost real people. A bit of a stretch for me, since it's a transitional story of someone who's done with college, but not in a career yet, looking for her niche and love of course. Read A Little Princess f

By-Products of Writing

One of the by-products from writing is good dental hygiene. I am thrilled to say that I am now a daily flosser. While I sit at my computer, my brain trying to think of that next funny thing, that turn of phrase that will transform my boring manuscript into the #1 NYTBS, I floss. It's great! Like flossing, writing needs a consistent daily effort to produce results. I write about two times a day for about two hour stints, once in the afternoon when my son goes down for quiet time and at night after the kids are in bed. I used to write six days a week, but I've given myself another day in the weekend, just because I was going over the edge and my house was not messy, but disorganized and my marriage was starting to sound like a sitcom instead of being loving--mostly due to the conflicts of a Saturday when I thought I'd have free babysitting from my husband. That turns out not the be the case and instead of getting all upset, I lowered my expectations and everybody'

Positive feedback from old roommate

So, I sent the first chapter to a very funny friend and roommate who lives in CA with her new baby. She did me the great favor of reading it over and giving me some feedback. Wow! So remember, I rewrote the first two pages because I was never happy with how it started. Well, she got to the end of those first two pages, she said, the rest flows pretty well from here on out. I had to laugh, she could totally tell! Amazing! She offered some fantastic suggestions, and I hope she continues to ask hard questions and make bold suggestions.


Sometimes when I write I feel like I hitting my head against a wall. Knock, knock, knock. Busy day. My parents were stranded in Canada with a faulty transmission on the way to Alaska. Luckily the thing is still under warranty but only in the US, so they have to drive back to Montana. That's when I say, my life isn't so hard. I had a nice day. The weather has been perfect, abnormal for July, a light breeze around seventy. I took my daughter out and in two days between hubby and I, taught her how to ride. She took to it like fish to water, to use an old cliche. She was hesitant at first, when I took her out on the bike trail, especially when the bikers sped by. But they smiled and most didn't seem too annoyed that we took up the whole right side. I'm dying to get back to my writing tonight. I left the scene in a spot that I'm very curious to see how it ends!!!!! And I'm writing the silly thing. STill, I find that I enjoy writing, almost as much as re


So, I was talking to my sister today on the phone and she said my mom was rereading the latest draft of my story, and was about half-way through it. I couldn't believe it. I called her and sure enough, she said and I quote: "It sucked me in a lot better this time." REDEMPTION. Ok, now, I can feel comfortable with a story that my mom finally thinks is good. Now I have to convince the agents and publishers. So, they're putting in a new Little Caesar's Pizza not a block from my house. That is going to lead to some serious malnutrition in our family. What temptation. How can you beat a five dollar pizza? Such greasy goodness. On another note, my husband actually did some real math on the comment section of the last post. Sigh, this is why I'm a writer and not a scientist. I love math, but higher math is a little over my head especially since I've been out of school for, let me see, 2009-2002(let me grab my calculator)= 7 years. Seven years! My, m

Probablity of NYTBS

I was thinking of a the probability of being a New York Times Best Selling author. I think it's some random equation. Here are the variables: O=originality w=weird factor t=timing c=connection l=talent NYTBS=O*w*1/4t8C/l Er something

Eight Pages

I'm eight pages in to my new story. I haven't decided if it's good or not. The crap draft is always bad and even when I read it, I'm like, ew. I'm not letting anyone read it not even the hubbs. Although it's killing me! I have so many questions. Directions the plot should go, character development. They will have to wait, for the story must be told and if I tell it out loud it's gone.