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Third Place from Book Buyer's Best Contest

A sweet romance wins third place Sweet romances can compete and win! I'm super excited for this honor.  I want to tell you, please keep going with your dreams! Success comes by hard work, persistence, consistency and focus. I'll have to say when I first started writing, one of the authors of the books I read said that if you write for ten thousand hours or one million words you'll get published. That sounds simple, but not easy. YOU CAN DO IT! KEEP GOING!  Just to add a bit of backstory about why I wrote The Swiss Mishap, I'll tell you how this book came to be. I served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in my twenties in Switzerland and France. I had some life-changing experiences there that changed the way I viewed the world. Here are some interesting things that made it into the book: My friend and I dragged a recliner up four flights of stairs. I did talk to people on the bus and ask them questions. Usually the questions were about