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Vision versus Reality

As I am always trying to learn and improve my craft of writing, I'm constantly checking out books and reading what I can do to improve my skills. If you are looking for writing books at our local library, they're all at my house, sitting in a stack on my nightstand. Please don't put a hold on any of them because then I have to lug them back. One of the books I found helpful recently, asked the question: what do you want your readers to feel when they are reading your books? I thought about it for a minute, searching around the themes and the genres of my past and present works trying to find a common thread. I found! I want them to laugh! Crap! I'm not funny. I mean, I'm not funny when I write.  I'm hilarious in person where I can add facial expressions and gestures, change the tenor of my voice to make a hilarious point. But in writing?  I guess I haven't found my voice. Or maybe I'm just not funny. And it's slightly humiliating. There