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Embarrassing Moment AKA Why I don't sing solos.

I was going to title this my Most Embarrassing Moment, but My Most Embarrassing Moment is a secret that I will never publish on-line.  Sorry.  It's going to stay safely between me and my journal and the other witnesses who shall remain nameless.  So this is my Second Most Embarrassing Moment. Actually, I should probably title this my Most Humiliating Moment because after doing years of weird plays in theatre, I don't embarrass easily--I do get humbled quite a bit.   Let me set the scene.  High school.  Small town.  County fair.  Singing contest. Yeah, you're cringing already aren't you.  My skin shivers at the memory.  My aunt is like a really great singer.  Not the break the glass kind of singer you see on stage or on Youtube.  She's a "Will you sing at Uncle Hershal's funeral?" type of singer.  Her music is full of soul.  And she's a great lady.  At least, I think her motives were pure when she convinced me to sing in the contest in our c