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Embarrassing Moment AKA Why I don't sing solos.

I was going to title this my Most Embarrassing Moment, but My Most Embarrassing Moment is a secret that I will never publish on-line.  Sorry.  It's going to stay safely between me and my journal and the other witnesses who shall remain nameless.  So this is my Second Most Embarrassing Moment. Actually, I should probably title this my Most Humiliating Moment because after doing years of weird plays in theatre, I don't embarrass easily--I do get humbled quite a bit.   Let me set the scene.  High school.  Small town.  County fair.  Singing contest. Yeah, you're cringing already aren't you.  My skin shivers at the memory.  My aunt is like a really great singer.  Not the break the glass kind of singer you see on stage or on Youtube.  She's a "Will you sing at Uncle Hershal's funeral?" type of singer.  Her music is full of soul.  And she's a great lady.  At least, I think her motives were pure when she convinced me to sing in the contest in our c

How to be a better Facebook friend

I have a Facebook friend--let's call him Melvin Peabody, who knows how to be a good Facebook friend.  While most friendships deteriorate once the relationship hits "we're friends on Facebook" stage, Melvin's relationships thrive, grow and flourish on Facebook.  Though I barely knew him when I "friended" him years ago, I have gotten to know (and like) him even better.  How is that possible you ask?  Over the years, I've seen Melvin do something different than most people on Facebook, and what he does is easy to do and strengthens his relationships.  I'm going to share what I've learned from observing these simple tips that if you follow, you'll be a better friend on Facebook, too.  You'll go from being a simple observer of Facebook to building friendships on Facebook.  If you feel like you aren't making or maintaining friendships, try these simple changes. Rule One: "Like" stuff. "Liking" someone's stat

I've figured out the plot for my newest novel!!

I finally figured out what my plot for my novel is going to be.  Usually I figure it out after I've written twenty thousand words and I have to go back and rewrite major swaths.  But this time I figured it out after writing ten thousand words!  I think I'm getting better!  Yay!  Go me!  What is it about you ask?  Well I'll tell you.  It's about this girl and she meets this guy...  Okay so, all my stories are about building meaningful relationships, but something else has to go on as well.  My protag does have to have a life and interest outside of her romantic interest.  But I'm stuck on her name.  I don't have a name for her yet.  Any suggestions?  It needs to be slightly unique but not too weird.  And short.  I like short names.  Easier to type.  All right.  I guess that is all.