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Change is hard

I am sitting here trying to write a crap (first) draft of a second book in a three-book series.  And I'll have to say, it's rather difficult.  I've got a plot, I've spent one whole book exploring characters, giving them life, back stories, goals, fears.  But I still struggle with this second book.  Why? Because my characters have to change.  Their relationship, their natures, their wants, desires all change as a consequence of the world we live in.  Change is hard. Change is hard to write. Change is hard to write about. We live in a changing world.  Someone once said you never see the same thing twice.  That's probably true.  More dust has settled on the bureau or night stand in the bedroom in the few seconds between glances, more sun fade on the carpet.  So the very objects around us are changing, decaying, growing. And so do our relationships. Sometimes the change is small, a gradual growth of love, imperceptible, deepening without realization.  Some