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What is Kindle Unlimited and how do I join?

 Kindle Unlimited (KU) is a book subscription service. You pay $9.99/month to read all the ebooks you want that are enrolled in the program. Click here to see the promotion . Right now they have a special where you can get two months for $4.99 as an introductory offer. Or you can try it for 30 days free.  What books are in KU? Not all books are in KU. Amazon wants exclusive rights to content in KU. That means that book can't be listed as an ebook anywhere else--not Barnes and Noble, not Kobo, not Apple or Google Play. The paperback can be listed at those retailers. How does the program work? You can borrow up to ten books at a time. When you finish a book, you return it. How do authors get paid? Authors get paid from the fund (the combination of the money from all the subscribers).  Usually, it's around about .05 a page.  Why would I want to be in KU? With the price of ebooks ranging from $.99-$9.99, you can save a lot of money by reading more than one book a month through the