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Know what I've got planned for 2020?

I like to write out goals every January, but by February, I've already forgotten them. Not this year. My family has a giant white board upstairs and we've written goals for our family as well as individuals. Know what I've got planned for 2020? We made goals in four areas: physical, intellectual, social and spiritual (recognizing that we are dual beings). For my writing goals, I couldn't decide where to put them and decided on intellectual since I learn so much while I write. My 2020 goal is to submit three manuscripts to publication. Why did I chose this? Well, goals need to be independent of other's choices. Notice I didn't say three pieces accepted, hahah! Because really, that's out of my control. What I can work on is getting them ready to the best of my abilities and send them off to the world. I'm turning in my first one this week. It's based on an idea from my publisher to write short "beach read" love stories having something to do