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Signed Author Copies

It's time to talk about my collection. Books are friends to me. Characters help me battle my inner demons and vicariously overcome as they overcome. Their creators are kindred spirits when we meet, so these are some of my most valuable possession. Each has a story. I got my first author signed books at Project Book Babe in Arizona in 2008. I had just experienced a terrible heartache and my husband thought that this charity benefit would help me shake off my depression. I came home with Stephanie Meyer's signed copy of Eclipse and by luck of the raffle, a copy of Shannon Hale's Book of a Thousand days. Plus another one.  There, I started my Signed Author Collection, and I became acquainted other authors that I have since met. Brandon Mull: I first met him when I was pregnant with my youngest over seven years ago, when we lived in St. Louis. St. Louis County library visiting author program is unsurpassed in the nation and it was a real tragedy when we had to move.  Wh