Signed Author Copies

It's time to talk about my collection.

Books are friends to me. Characters help me battle my inner demons and vicariously overcome as they overcome. Their creators are kindred spirits when we meet, so these are some of my most valuable possession. Each has a story.

I got my first author signed books at Project Book Babe in Arizona in 2008. I had just experienced a terrible heartache and my husband thought that this charity benefit would help me shake off my depression. I came home with Stephanie Meyer's signed copy of Eclipse and by luck of the raffle, a copy of Shannon Hale's Book of a Thousand days. Plus another one.  There, I started my Signed Author Collection, and I became acquainted other authors that I have since met.

Brandon Mull: I first met him when I was pregnant with my youngest over seven years ago, when we lived in St. Louis. St. Louis County library visiting author program is unsurpassed in the nation and it was a real tragedy when we had to move.  When we first met, I had only read the first few pages of his book Fablehaven and to be honest, I was just about to give up. Even he admitted it was a little slow and encouraged me to keep reading. I met him in Austin Book Festival this last spring and finally told him that he really got me with his book the Candyshop Wars. (Good read!) Signed Books: Beyonders, FableHaven, Spirit Animals. Other good ones I wish I had: Candyshop Wars 1-2.

Some other favorite authors I have met a few times: Shannon Hale, Ally Carter and Brandon Sanderson.

I told Shannon Hale once that she inspired me to write. She gave me the advice that to be a mom and a writer, I can have no other hobbies. I thought that was good advice. It's true, I've put a lot of other talents on hold while I've worked on my craft. Signed Books: Bayern Chronicles, Actor and Housewife, Book of a Thousand Days. Other books we own: Storybook of Legends.

Ally Carter: I read the first book in the Galagher Girls series but it wasn't until I was having a dull mid-January slump that I picked up her third (skipping the second) and it just cheered me right up. Books have the power to do that. It was just what I was in the mood for, fun, romance and action. My friend and I dressed up as Galagher Girls with my daughter to see her in St. Louis at the signing for Heist Society. Signed Books: Galagher Girls 1-4, Heist Society 1&2. Other books: Embassy Row.

Brandon Sanderson: I was the slowest one in my family to pick up Sanderson's stuff. I like fantasy but he's pretty hard core and I wasn't sure if I would like him. Do I regret it! When I started reading, I was hooked. He's setting the bar for fantasy, in my humble opinion. Clever, funny and he usually gets me in the end. We have a ton of his books, the thick ones we buy in digital format because we don't want to get scoliosis just from carrying them. His magic systems are unique, well-thought out and incredible. His worlds are vivid, fleshed out and memorable. He also gives a lecture on-line on how to write fiction. Signed copies: Steelheart 1-3, Alcatraz (my personal favorite). Other books in digital: Mistborn trilogy et al, Word of Radiance series. I tell you the man is prolific and profound. One of my favorites. 

Do you own any signed author copies? What authors did you wish you had signed author copies from?


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