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125 pages!

Hi! I broke the 80k words! I'm almost finished writing a first draft. I'm about 2/5 the way through it. I think the ending's great. But the rest of it needs more vamping. I'm pleased that this didn't take as long as I did on my first draft. Still having a hard time having scenes that don't immediately resolve, it's like I crave resolution, peace, end of conflict. But those things make for a crappy novel. Read Mary Poppins the book. It's more like a collection of short stories that have nothing to do with each other. I was a little disappointed. It would be a great case study in a book with no conflict. I think in the 30's, when it was written, that people used their imagination more/were not used to being wowed out of their senses with TV. The only part I liked was the beginning when Mr. Banks tells Mrs. Bansk that they can either have a nice house or four children. They had the four children :)


I hate it when I cut more than I write. This morning I had 96 pages of story. Tonight, 93. I have six pages of outtakes. Depressing. I know two different ways this story is not progressing!

Why my dental hygiene has improved

Writing requires a lot of thought. I mean, sitting there, plotting, creating characters, dialogue. During all this time, I floss. I found it has improved my dental hygiene to write. I floss almost daily with those little floss picks. (By the way, I recommend the Plackers not Dentex. Plackers have a smoother entry and a little bit of plastic over the sharp end which I appreciate in case I wanted to use it to clean out my ear wax.) So when you see me smile, observe how plaque free my teeth are and how healthy my gums are too :)