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Another rejection

I forgot to mention I got my second rejection while I was in the hotel waiting for our house to be restored. I'll have to say, I didn't take it very well. It was just the culmination of all the other heartbreak of the season that when I got that rejection, I was so bummed. I've decided to rewrite the whole thing. But that prospect, like rehabbing a whole house makes me think, maybe it would be better to start from scratch. So, I've put it off, hoping that it will rewrite itself. I have started another story. This one is a boy story, completely different than anything I've ever written. My husband is skeptical that I can write an adventure for boys. I have 1000 words of crap so far. And it's slower going being pregnant. I want to write but fatigue and well, putting my house back together takes a lot out of me. Excuses aside, this one will just take a little bit longer.


I think it's amazing that one song can conjure all sorts of memories. Like a few strains of "With or Without You" and I'm immediately transported to my high school days, wearing a frumpy dress in a church gym at a stake dance and I'm dancing with a guy my brothers called Spam Bones. So, life's been crazy the last few months. We had a house fire and were out of our house for a month. Writing is difficult for me when I'm pregnant under the best of circumstances. But non-existent in a hotel with my kids jumping from bed to bed. I couldn't even read. Life gets in the way. Read three books in the last three days though: Shannon Hale's Forest Born Jeanette Rallison's It's a Mall World After All Jeanette Rallison's Revenge of the Cheerleaders I actually talked to JR while I was at the hotel. It seems she's friends with my MIL's friend and sent her phone number along. She was wrapping presents. We talked for about forty-five m