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The 2022 Gift Guide

Bookmark this page and refer to it for all gift-giving occasions for 2023!  Every year I like to make a Christmas list suggestion, mostly for people like me who are just starting their Christmas shopping and who have no idea what to get their loved ones. I may be using affiliate links in this post, but that doesn't increase the cost for you, it just helps support my writing habit. Big Gifts Middle School-Aged Kids (10-12) 1. 3-D Printer.   My husband and I are thinking of getting this for my 12-year old son. SHHHHHH! Don't tell him! Although if he looked over my shoulder while scrolling through my Facebook page, he would probably see one. Those darn tracking cookies! They're going to ruin Christmas!  We looked at a couple of models including this smaller one by Toy Box  which has more bio-friendly PVA plastics, but almost twice the price tag. The Toy Box one comes with 8 filaments included, which normally cost around 12 bucks. My husband said the deck might be too small fo