The 2022 Gift Guide

Bookmark this page and refer to it for all gift-giving occasions for 2023! 

Every year I like to make a Christmas list suggestion, mostly for people like me who are just starting their Christmas shopping and who have no idea what to get their loved ones. I may be using affiliate links in this post, but that doesn't increase the cost for you, it just helps support my writing habit.

Big Gifts

Middle School-Aged Kids (10-12)

1. 3-D Printer.  My husband and I are thinking of getting this for my 12-year old son. SHHHHHH! Don't tell him! Although if he looked over my shoulder while scrolling through my Facebook page, he would probably see one. Those darn tracking cookies! They're going to ruin Christmas!  We looked at a couple of models including this smaller one by Toy Box which has more bio-friendly PVA plastics, but almost twice the price tag. The Toy Box one comes with 8 filaments included, which normally cost around 12 bucks. My husband said the deck might be too small for larger projects, but it does play nicely with the apps. You can upload your own design, which is cool. I'd like to make swag for book signings. My husband said he would use it to make figurines for his D&D campaigns, so maybe it should be a family gift?

2. Lessons. My husband searched around the internet for an on-line tutor for my son to take German lessons. He really wants to learn and finding someone who wants to work with middle school kids. 

3. He's also been pining for...and you won't believe ant farm! You have to mail-order the ants, you can't just pick them up from your yard, hahah!


He's probably the hardest to shop for because he buys whatever he wants. So the trick is to buy something he needs, but doesn't know it yet. 

1. I've been eyeing these: Lumbar pillow, Seat cushion, and this footrest. Since he's been working from home so much, I'm sure he's tired of sitting in the same chair every day. They also have pillows, bamboo sheets and right now they're having a 40% sale plus free shipping.

2. Tools. He so kindly circled this kit in the Home Depot Ad. I think it's a hint that he wants it. He's been needing a cordless drill. Looks like I can pick one out as his "free gift." So I guess I better get on that!

3. A weekend away. If I arrange sitting, the hotel, the meals, he'd gladly join, especially if it's a weekend at a nearby location, and he doesn't have to take off work. It's a nice stress-free change, and cheaper than going on a out-of-state trip.

Family Gift

1. Family Pass to the YMCA or other gym membership. My oldest son is 16 now and wants to start going to the gym. I thought this was a lovely idea. 

2. We go every year to the Escape Rooms around here as well as the Sky-diving place. We've been focusing on experiences where we conquer a fear, work together, or learn a new skill. One time we did a ropes course. One year we took a class and learned how to make food.

3. Family Stay-cay! We take small day trips around our city as a Stay-cation. My husband took off a week of work one summer and we just took day trips around. It was much cheaper than flight, or renting a car and staying in a hotel (and I like my bed a lot better than most hotels) and if you want to make it a vacation for the person who cooks, you can order out or dine-in!

The Teen Boy!

1. I've mentioned we're thinking of getting a 3-D printer so I'm not sure if this will go to the family or my son or both sons! I know he would enjoy making stuff.

2. Upgraded headphones. These boys are constantly losing/breaking/leaving their headphones. My boys like the ones where they can talk with their friends while they play video games. They would drool over these.

3. Gift cards. He asks for these specifically. iTunes, Amazon, restaurant gift cards are a great way for him to pick out what he wants and everyone is happy!

4. Clothes. My son won't admit it but he wants to be seen as cool. I saw him eyeing some Vans one time so I bought him a bunch of long sleeved Van's shirts and he loves them. It's easier to buy clothes for him than my daughter because she wants style and fit. My son cares little for those things.

5. Guitar lessons and a guitar. He's been dying to learn how.

Daughter (She's in college now)

1. I bought her a KitchenAid this year, but I might save it until she has a place of her own. She's moved out and living with five other girls. (This one was less than $200).

2. Gift card for a massage.

3. Gift cards for food, restaurants for when she's busy, cash, pedicures.

4. She just bought one of these heatless curling rods off her roommate and loves it!

Other cool things!

My husband has been enjoying his Audible account. We've been listening to Warbreaker audio-play by Brandon Sanderson. You can give a gift an account here. I feel like there's so little time to read. I love audiobooks because I can do things like clean the bathroom and fold laundry and I actually enjoy doing both tasks! Try A FREE TRIAL here. You can also get my audiobooks here and here. More audiobooks coming soon because I love them!

If you or a loved-one likes to read, give the gift of unlimited books with Kindle Unlimited.

Or if you love music, you can get unlimited streaming on Amazon Prime music.

I also saw this new NOOK at a conference and they got me at Pink!


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