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I just finished book four of Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. I'll have to say, the first one started a little slow. My hubby read most of it out loud to my six and three year old. I admit, I got a little bored. Toward the end, it started getting my attention. We checked out the second book from the library and I was hooked. Well written, but also imaginative. It's like there's a fourth grade boy stuck inside the adult body of Brandon Mull. I liked being surprised, amused, amazed and transported to a whole other world. So far the third book is my favorite, the working against the clock makes a great page-turner. Finished the fourth book last night, as I said. My hubby did too, then today he ran out and bought the fifth one and is reading it right now. Who says independent reader books are just for kids? As a writer what did I learn from Brandon Mull. Well, I learned that I need to be more creative with my plots and characters. At each page turn, I was amazed at t