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James Dashner

Trying to remember what she said she wanted to be when she grew up. James Dashner of Maze Runner fame came to St. Louis!  We took the family!  He asked the audience for what they wanted to be when they grew up.  My son enthusiastically replied, "A ninja!"  The whole audience laughed and my son cried.  He thought they thought he was being silly.  He was perfectly honest.  He wants to be a ninja when he grows up. His new series the Infinity Ring is about these kids time travelers who go back in time and fix breeches in time.  The first one starts with in the French Revolution 1789.  Must be pretty good, I haven't been able to get a hold of it to read it since everybody else (read husband and nine year old) are reading it!  Need some ideas for Middle Grade and YA fiction?  Check out James Dashner.

The Eyes Have It

Whenever I think I'm doing pretty good, cleaning my house, ensuring homework is done, sending birthday cards and thank you notes, something always happens.  It's like a little test.  "Things are going well are they?  Let's try this one on for size."  It's like I'm in my own personal Hunger Games arena, except I don't have to fight anyone to the death.  This week, and probably for the next two weeks I will be legally blind.  Last year, my son decided to exercise his Hulk-like strength and snapped my glasses in half, right at the bridge.  No matter how I tape them, they still fall apart in the middle.  That was fine, I had my contacts.  Glasses were for early mornings and late at night.  but last night, that all changed.  I was scratching my contact, there had been some build up along the edge of my contact, probably from crying so much, and I was scarping it off with my fingernail as it was irritating my eye.  Well...I guess I don't know my own stre

Why Job Searching is Like Dating

It's official!  My husband will be done with school.  We shall have to pass into that uncharted world of Job Searching. Job searching.  Sending out feelers, doing research, writing a CV, interviewing, looking and trying to show my best self.  Hm....this reminds me of something I've done before.  That's right!  Dating! Phase one: Sending out feelers In the dating world, whether you're fresh set of legs at a new school or just off a painful breakup, you have to do this initial step to form a relationship.  Seeding out the feelers is telling the world you're available.  That means you go to parties, you smile, you remember that hottie's name from your biology class. Phase two: Doing research (aka stalking) In this age of Google, Twitter and Facebook, you bet employers are doing background research on prospective employees and so should you!  Anybody in your dating pool is fair game for stalking.  Facebook, what a great invention for dating in this age.  Y