The Eyes Have It

Whenever I think I'm doing pretty good, cleaning my house, ensuring homework is done, sending birthday cards and thank you notes, something always happens.  It's like a little test.  "Things are going well are they?  Let's try this one on for size."  It's like I'm in my own personal Hunger Games arena, except I don't have to fight anyone to the death.  This week, and probably for the next two weeks I will be legally blind.  Last year, my son decided to exercise his Hulk-like strength and snapped my glasses in half, right at the bridge.  No matter how I tape them, they still fall apart in the middle.  That was fine, I had my contacts.  Glasses were for early mornings and late at night.  but last night, that all changed.  I was scratching my contact, there had been some build up along the edge of my contact, probably from crying so much, and I was scarping it off with my fingernail as it was irritating my eye.  Well...I guess I don't know my own strength because I cracked my contact.  Couldn't they have lasted until my hubby got a job?  Just two more months?  With only one working contact, driving should be interesting.  Writing will be slowed, since I either have to blow up the words to 100 pt font or sit four inches from the screen.  What I've learned....I'm grateful that we live in an era where visual aids are accessible and least until your toddler gets a hold of them :)


  1. Aw man, that is rough!! Clarkson eyecare in rockhill charged me $100 or so for a checkup and 6 months of contacts without insurance. I made sure to tell them that I needed it on the cheap. How's the one eyed driving going? :)

  2. I went to Costco and the guy gave me a free trial pair to wear (soft) until my (hard) contacts come in! I'm so grateful!


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