New Story

I forgot to post somewhere that I started a new story. Completely different from the first one, except the main character is a girl and it's a comedy like the last one. I've always liked to make people laugh and cry, too. That comes from studying drama and manipulating people's emotions. Anyway, I can't remember when I started it. Probably about the time I read one an agent's post that they are sick of urban fantasy, and mine was an urban fantasy (which was what I liked to read when I was in high school) and so, I put that one aside while my professor was looking over my last story. I'm about 40k words into it. I don't know how it's going to end, but it's been fun, different because it's set in a real place with real things and almost real people. A bit of a stretch for me, since it's a transitional story of someone who's done with college, but not in a career yet, looking for her niche and love of course.

Read A Little Princess for the first time. Pretty good.


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