By-Products of Writing

One of the by-products from writing is good dental hygiene. I am thrilled to say that I am now a daily flosser. While I sit at my computer, my brain trying to think of that next funny thing, that turn of phrase that will transform my boring manuscript into the #1 NYTBS, I floss. It's great! Like flossing, writing needs a consistent daily effort to produce results. I write about two times a day for about two hour stints, once in the afternoon when my son goes down for quiet time and at night after the kids are in bed. I used to write six days a week, but I've given myself another day in the weekend, just because I was going over the edge and my house was not messy, but disorganized and my marriage was starting to sound like a sitcom instead of being loving--mostly due to the conflicts of a Saturday when I thought I'd have free babysitting from my husband. That turns out not the be the case and instead of getting all upset, I lowered my expectations and everybody's happy :) Besides, I need two days like everyone else in a weekend, even if I only write for twenty hours a week.


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