Sometimes when I write I feel like I hitting my head against a wall. Knock, knock, knock. Busy day. My parents were stranded in Canada with a faulty transmission on the way to Alaska. Luckily the thing is still under warranty but only in the US, so they have to drive back to Montana. That's when I say, my life isn't so hard. I had a nice day. The weather has been perfect, abnormal for July, a light breeze around seventy. I took my daughter out and in two days between hubby and I, taught her how to ride. She took to it like fish to water, to use an old cliche. She was hesitant at first, when I took her out on the bike trail, especially when the bikers sped by. But they smiled and most didn't seem too annoyed that we took up the whole right side.

I'm dying to get back to my writing tonight. I left the scene in a spot that I'm very curious to see how it ends!!!!! And I'm writing the silly thing. STill, I find that I enjoy writing, almost as much as reading (reading though doesn't require as much work). It's like dreaming with my eyes open. I love to see the scene unfold and tell secrets and hints and sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry sometimes I knock my head with frustration.


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