5 Signs It Might Be Over

So, I read this article stating five signs a relationship might be over because I love reading news about relationships, wondering if there is any truth to them. So I clicked on this article about the five signs and laughed. One of the signs it maybe be over is one of the partners losing weight and getting into shape.

Why is that funny? Because for me, if this were true, my husband would worry every time I have a baby and obsess over loosing the baby weight. (#3 baby is one and I still have ten pounds to go!) It's not because I'm playing the field or even looking around. (I've been happily married almost 9 years now, and with three kids in tow--you don't leave that easily!) I just want to get my pre-baby body back! But maybe it's different for guys.

Maybe I should worry when my husband folds down his Bowflex, and pumps up the bike tires in the morning. Is he trying to tone up for the next relationship? When he works out, I must say, he is one handsome hunk of a man. But if this is a sign that my hubby's starting to look around, well, I should feel nice and comforted. The bike hasn't been outside in a while and the Bowflex is getting dusty. Thanks honey. I think he's not working out, just to make me feel secure. What a sacrifice!

So gals when you see your hubby's gut and you are tempted to complain about his lack of personal discipline, will power or whatever, just remember, it could be a sign that both he and his love handles are here to stay.


  1. Ahahahahahaha! Pretty funny! I can't see your hubby with anyone else but you! (And if he did anything...he'd have me to deal with!!!) ;)


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