What's a romantic gift?

A long time ago in the 90's, I watched a remake of the movie "Father of the Bride." As far as remakes go, it's pretty good. But there was one part that I thought was a little silly. The bride-to-be bursts in the door in tears saying the wedding is off. When the parents dig a little deeper, they find that the groom had bought her a blender. Assuming he meant for her to be all domestic, she goes nuts and calls off the wedding. This is all sorted out of course and there is indeed a happy ending. But that brings to mind a question, what is a romantic gift? Romantic gifts , meaning, what expresses love, are different for each person. I'll have to say, my hubby got me a $300 Vitamix blender for Mother's Day. And we've used it more than all the jewelry he's gotten me. And guess which got him more smooches? That's right the blender. Was it a romantic gift? YES! Why? Because he knew I wanted it. Thoughtfulness, then is the key to romantic gifts. Do you agree?


  1. YES!!!! If he takes the time to listen to me and my dreams and Selects something I really desire on his own, that is SO ROMANTIC!!!

  2. ooh, you lucky girl! I was just online looking at vitamix blenders covetously.

    Also yes. My hubby got me an egg slicer for my birthday the other year. My sis-in-law was there and was like "WHAT!?!?" She thought it so lame. But I knew that I had mentioned how much I wanted one. And he had said they were totally impractical. And so I had not bought one. But here he was, giving me the equivalent of a pedicure (or something else that seems unfathomably impractical to men). :D


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