Why girls date jerks

This is such a mystifying question for all of us, but especially to nice guys who stand by while girls go for unworthy men: Why do girls date jerky men? I have few theories. First, girls mistake arrogance for confidence. Jerky guys seem to ooze this self-awareness that nice guys don't tend to have. Bu the problem is, these jerky guys are usually self-centered, large-egoed guys who are looking for someone to fulfill his agenda. Second, bad boys are exciting, unpredictable, intriguing. Girls like a puzzle. If you are too easy to read, it's not a challenge. Third, one reader pointed out that girls like guys that need to be reformed. Blame "Grease" for that. Guess what, most guys aren't going to change for you, honey. Fourth, sometimes the bad boys aren't afraid to make a move, like ask a girl out. While the nice guys debate, hem and haw, the bad guys figure they don't have anything to loose and take a leap. For all their failings, bad guys have guts. You may wish they didn't , but they do. Personally, I've dated a few jerks and nice guys. My money is on the nice guys. They are focused on the girl instead of themselves, which is really what you want in a long term sustainable relationship.


  1. Interesting. I always had I said to myself when I was dating. Beware of the first round of guys that ask you out. It usually doesn't end well.

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  3. Yeah, I've dated a couple of "nothing to lose" type of guys. I'm so scared to let my daughter date. How to teach girls to be discerning? Perhaps another blog post...

    (Sorry, type-o!)


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