Can't Write in a Vacuum

I realized something in the last few months while I've been struggling to even have a desire to write. I started my fourth novel and gave it to my hubby to read and he liked it, encouraged me. But then he said, "I think you need to write this one on your own and I'll read it when it's all done." Guess what happened. Yup, my writing stalled out. Like, I don't even have a desire to write. It seems if I don't get immediate pats on the back, I don't have the will to go on. But it's not that my ego needs to be stroked, or I need encouragement after every chapter because I'm a self-conscious writer. It's true, I cannot write in a vacuum. First off, it's very dusty and dirty, and very cramped--ha, ha! Bad joke, I know. But honestly, rarely can people do any kind of great work on their own. I need to bounce ideas off someone, I need someone to ask me probing questions that open up whole areas of character exploration, or understanding or takes my plot on an unexpected and fun ride. I need that. In your creative work, do you have other people help you? Do you just do it on your own? What kind of help do you get?


  1. While said hubby is finishing up his lab work and writing a thesis, feel free to bounce ideas off of my noggin!

  2. Seriously! I've been putting stuff off because he's so incredibly busy. I must warn you, my pre-drafts are really rough!


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