Chick Flick vs. Bromantic Comedies

How can you tell the difference between a chick flick and a bromantic comedy?  Both have romantic themes, but one girls babble about for hours afterwards. The other, the girl comes out feeling cheated like she'd spent two hours trying on clothes and coming home empty handed. 

So what is the difference between the two types of movies?  First clue is see who picked the movie for date night.  If it's the guy, uh-oh, it's probably a bromantic comedy.  Certain actors send up red flags as to what kind of movie it is (Adam Sandler doesn't do Jane Austen).  Usually, you can identify them by the tropes that run through each of these movies.

If you see this popular trope: Average Girl does something absolutely embarrassing right in front of Hot Guy, in my fantasy it's Chris Evans.  He finds it endearing, attractive even.  There is "funky chemistry."  There may be some fighting where the Average Girl treats Hot Guy like dirt.  They are separated. It seems not "meant to be" and yet he still comes back for more.  There is much happiness and much kissing in the end.  You are watching a chick flick. (Think Nanny Diaries, Shopaholic, You've Got Mail, etc.)

If on the other hand, it's a movie about an Average Guy with a crazy dream, Hot Girl finds crazy dream exciting, joins him on his adventures, (Hot Girl also likes hot cars, action flicks and rocky road ice cream--his favorite). The Average Guy has smooth dialogue like, "I want you," and Hot Girl immediately swoons into bed with him.  Red flag, it's a bromantic comedy. (Think Bewitched--or pretty much anything in your Will Ferrel collection.)

Are there movies that bridge the gap?  That excite both men and women? What would they look like?  Well, the Hero must be dashing and good looking.  The fair Heroine must be his equal.  They must have funky chemistry.  They must have adventures.  THERE MUST BE SOME KISSING!  And maybe some things blowing up.  (Examples are Pirates of the Caribbean, maybe Hunger Games--I still haven't seen it! Our favorite: Scarlet Pimpernel with Jayne Seymore.)


  1. Hate to say it but based on your definition above, Mr. and Mrs. Smith fits the bill. Plus it is HILARIOUS!

  2. Yes! You're right! Ahahhah! Good times!!

  3. I am having a Scarlet Pimpernel party this Friday!! How fun that you blogged about it. And does that mean I should check out Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

  4. Jacob comments that Knight and Day bridges the gap as well! And it's funny. We both liked it.

  5. I'll look it up! Sounds like fun! I love movies that bridge the gap!


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