Who is my audience?

The ideas that are coming to me now are for an older audience than YA. The last few stories I have written deal with gals in their young twenties experiencing adult life for the first time. Why do I write about this age group? Those early years of finding out who I was in the world were so deliciously fun for me. I had so many options in love, career etc. And I hadn't made any huge mistakes, so I wasn't burdened by regret. That's an exciting time. I want my protagonists to also have more opportunities to do things that girls in YA just can't do--move away and live in a foreign country all by themselves, for example.

What I worry about writing for this audience is that girls ages 18-20 are living life, they don't want to read about it. I remember being that age and having my own experiences with love, real love, not just high school crushes. There was no way I wanted to read a book about someone else falling in love at that point in time. The story I was living was much more dramatic and exciting. We don't tend to read in the stage that we are at.

I guess that's one reason that right now, I don't read stories about stay-at-home-moms who are looking to find themselves. I'm living the dream right now.


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