I have lots of friends, some microwave friends, some casserole friends and some rotisserie friends. The microwave friendships usually require little effort or sacrifice. Relationships are formed quickly and then are over with, not very satisfying. They're like when I talk to someone behind me in line at the grocery store, we laugh, we complain, but we don't call each other for babysitting. When I was in school, they were your classmates that you didn't hang out with on the weekends. We'd joke, compare homework, but it never really went any further than that.

Casserole friends. Most of my friends fall here. Casseroles require a little bit more effort, various ingredients, more work, but are more satisfying. I love hot crispy cheese that gathers in the corners of a casserole cooked in the oven. These are the friends that are probably parents of my kids friends, my neighbors.

Then there's rotisserie. Slow basting and roasting over a fire, laborious turning of a spit. I have few of these. They are roommates, siblings, my hubby and children--family. They require so much sacrifice that I'm not sure I can have more than a few. These are people I don't want to ever let go of, the people I love most dear on the earth.

Having friends is risky, though. They weasel their way into your heart and then once they are embedded in your softest flesh, they have the ability to hurt you or not. But you've got to have them. It's not an optional relationship in life. I hope that most of our relationship fall into the casserole or rotisserie spectrum. Life is too lonely eating the microwave stuff.


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