Teen Section Only

A couple of months ago, my family and I went to our city library. We always head straight to the top floor where the kids picture, Juvenile and YA books are shelved. Since I consume a great deal of YA literature, hanging out in the YA section is pretty much the only place to go. My husband is looking at Manga and I have a book, and we're sitting in the seating section when one of the library workers comes over. She points to the scrawling cursive above the shelves that says, "Teen Lounge." "This is for teens only," she says. Then she asks us to leave.


I didn't know you can discriminate against age at a tax-payer funded institution! The one and only teenager who was sitting there, gave me a look that said, "This lady is crazy!" I was so mad, I almost said something, like "I read YA, I should be able to lounge here!" Instead, my husband and I slinked out, annoyed that someone would even care, and didn't even check out a book! Ha! Take that!


  1. oh fer serious! that is so ridiculous. But it is what happens when employees are handed instructions without a good idea of the reason behind them. Either that lady was power tripping, or she thought it was her unfortunate duty to inform you of the new policy. Regardless, she doesn't get the big picture.

  2. Seriously! I was like, you're really going to kick us out of the teen lounge? Whatever, it's fun to laugh about now!


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