I lied

 Sorry, I lied...

I know I said I wasn't going to use a pen name to write my Young Adult fantasy. But now I'm reconsidering it. I already have quite an AWESOME following for my sweet contemporary romance. And a lot of people will jump with me to another genre. (Some won't, and that's okay. I'm still writing for them as well!) But I'm hoping that I can also gain a new audience with my Young Adult fantasy books. Separating the genres by pen name would keep those two lines from being crossed. It wouldn't be anything dramatic, although I've already got Amy Leduc as one of them, I would likely go for a pen name like A. E. Zeigler or Amey E. Zeigler. I do hate that both my names are hard to spell, which makes it more likely that I'll choose the initials and the last name, but we'll see. What's your preference?

What will you be writing and will I be interested in them? Great question. Here are a couple of ideas I've already started writing/planning/plotting. Tell me which one are you the most interested in.

Weave of a Thousand Lies: Stitchbinding Chronicles Book 1

Magic system that uses fabric to enhance human's abilities. Conflict, enemies to lovers, heist, rebellion, slow burn romance. I want to do several (at least two) books in each of the following lands: Krashe/Lynden, Mori, Barbaden, and Utrica. That would make it a 8-12 book series, depending if I make them all three books or two. I love the world and the characters. Book 1 will be out this fall, book two will be coming n 2025.

Sister fantasy

That's what it's called on my file on my computer. Three portal fantasy books about two sisters who need to reconcile their differences. Called Quixotica, it involves a demon-type immortal king who rules over a land of dreams. Got the three book series all plotted and ready to write.

Clockwork Cinderella

This has been in the work for a while. I love the story and started on a detailed back story, but then decided it wasn't needed. However, it's still just an amazing idea. I can't wait. I have two books in this series.

The Daisy

A loose retelling of the Scarlet Pimpernel but during a revisionist historical period during the American Revolution. She comes back from a secret spy school in France to help win the war for America's independence against a hot, broody British captain stationed in Savannah. Enemies to lovers, war, clandestine attacks. Yum, yum, yum.

Those are the ones on my laptop files right now. I still have other ideas so we'll see how these go. Which ones would you like to read first? Don't forget to weigh in on the pen name, too!


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