Ten things you can do to help a writer friend

Ever wondered how authors get the word out about their books? The answer may shock you: it's you! Doing a few simple things for your author friend can help promote their book with little effort or time on your part. And since you are such a good friend, you'll want to help *wink*. Even if you haven't bought book, there is something you can do! I've made a list of small and simple things you can do today help authors in big ways.

Little time, no money

*Go to Amazon and mark all of their reviews as helpful. This helps those who have reviewed to earn more "cred."

*Do the same thing on Goodreads. If you don't have a Goodreads account, you should get one ;) Click here. Goodreads is a great place for readers to hang out and discuss and review books.

*Add your friend's book on your Goodread's shelf or in a list, group. This helps get the word out about the book. Plus me posting it to Goodreads is self-promotion. If you do it, it's helping someone find a book they'll love.

*Write an Amazon review. If you've bought the book, even if you didn't buy it from Amazon, you can write a review (up to once a week on non-Amazon purchased items). Reviews should be honest and as short/long as you like. Even a simple "I liked it" will count. In the algorithm, the number of reviews count more than what's written. 

*Sharing is caring. Like/share/comment on writer's posts on Twitter, IG, Facebook. This gives the writer more visibility because all of your friends can see your comments.  

*Request your friend's book at your local library. Not only is it a purchase of your friend's book, (thank you!) but it also increases awareness of the author. Most people are willing to check out a book because of the low-risk involved before they buy a book. I was able to fill out a form on line for my local library. *Warning* It may require a phone call.

*Recommend friend's book. Nothing is more persuasive than a recommendation from a friend. Word of mouth goes a long way!

*Join their newsletter. Then, if you feel generous, forward their newsletter to other readers. It's an easy, non-intrusive way to help spread the word. (Find my sign-up on my website here.)

*Comment on their blog.

*Take pictures of yourself reading the book to share on social media. Social media is one of the best methods of getting the word out. Selfies reading the book on Kindle or paperback would be awesome. Tag the author. A few helpful hashtags #amreading #reader #booklover #books etc.

I have to say a HUGE thank you so much to those friends who are already doing this! You are amazing and the best! I am forming a team of people who can  help me spread the word and possibly earn rewards like Amazon gift cards or swag. If you'd like to be a part of this team, let me know and I can add you to my private Inner Circle, called the Z-Pack. I have a private Facebook group for special opportunities like helping me chose titles, character's names etc and have Facebook LIVE events.

Comment below with anything that has helped you or a suggestion I missed.


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