How to handle rejection, bad reviews and bad news

Not everyone is going to love my books

There are some really good highs as a writer. One of the best moments is when I received my first full request from an agent. I literally screamed when I saw it. Scream so much, my voice hurt. It was a sign that I was finally getting closer to my goal. The second best was receiving my contract for my first book. I was so pleased, I called my family and friends and let them know. Then when the reviews started coming in. Even people I didn't know loved my book. It's so gratifying to find other people loving the characters I've fallen in love with, too.

But there are some lows.

Not everyone is going to love what I write. I recently received a rejection from an agent who I queried with the book that was accepted for publication last year. I laughed of course but rejections are a lot easier to take when you already have a publication. I also received a less than stellar review this week. Hey, all reviews have merit, but man, it hurts. 

How to stay positive

For me, it's all about perspective. Persistence. Letting go. Keep going. I may rant for a few minutes, but I don't let it hurt me or bring me down.

Celebrate every victory

The person who wrote the bad review wasn't my friend or anyone I knew. That means my book is getting out there beyond my friends. That's a victory! I now have another review! Yay! Every victory is worth celebrating and those victories will help us see that what we are doing is important. 

What are some ways you stay positive?


  1. Sometimes one's enemies will be more truthful than one's friends. Your book has kept me up to midnight more than once, so far, and I still haven't finished. There are parts I like, and parts I think can be improved. Embrace the criticism and learn from it.

    1. True! It's often that our friends won't tell us what's lacking, or what they didn't like. There is often merit in criticism. I always consider what they say. Sometimes they are right! Thanks Jared!


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