Top Ten Thing to Do in (French-speaking) Switzerland

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to go to Switzerland. I was lucky enough to live there for a few months during my twenties. Recently, my husband and I returned and compiled our top ten list of things to do in mostly French speaking Switzerland. One of course thinks of mountains, chocolate and cheese when they think of Switzerland. And beautiful Heidi-like pastoral mountain sides. but there is so much more! Here's a link to my top ten fun facts about the neutral country in the heart of Europe. Without further ado, here's my top ten list.
Callier chocolate factory
Dents du Midi

Einstein's house in Bern


(German speaking)
1. Einstein's house
Fresh chocolate Bern
2. Shopping in historic Bern for fresh chocolate


3. Trudge up 365 steps of the Tour of St. Nicholas to the tower
Tower of St. Nicolas Fribourg
4. Cross La Sarine's medieval bridge in Bas Ville

La Sarine


6. Les Trois Sifflets for fondue

7. Also walk around the lake to the Fork at the Musee d'alimentation and the Charlie Chaplin statue. I believe he's buried there.


Châteux de Chillon
8. Chateux de Chillon

9. Chocolate train, cheese factory in medieval  Gruyères.
*Seasonal jazz festival, Christmas village Fete de Vingerons, also Christmas chalets with live nativity.


Jette d'eau
10. Jette d’eau Genva
Bonus: Cathedrals 


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