Top 20 LDS Romance Authors

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Find your romance match! Whether you like historical romance or modern day romance, there's something here for everyone! Clink on the author's name for their website and the title for the Amazon link. (Note: Some fell into more than one category, so I placed them where I thought best!)


1.  Collection of authors
Regency House party

2. Author: Jennifer Lunt Moore
Title: Miss Leslie's Secret

3. Author: Julie Daines
Title: Havencross 

4. Author: Donna Hatch
Title: Unmasking the Duke

5. Author: Marsha Ward
Title: Mended by Moonlight

6. Author: Shaela Kay
Title: A Heart Made of Indigo

7. Author: Jen Geigle Johnson
Title: The Nobleman’s Daughter

LDS Romance

8. Author: Laura Walker
Title: When the Clouds Lift

 9. Author: Renee Savage Clark
 Title: Love, Jane

10. Author: Teya Peck
Title: See Me For Me

11. Author: Nichole M. White
Title: Unspoken Words

Sweet Adult Romance

12.Author: Rebecca Blevins
Title: Keeping Christmas

13. Author: Annette Luthy Lyons
Title: A Taste of Home: A romantic Christmas Novella

Series Romance

14. Author: Heather Brown Moore
Title: A Night in Grosvenor Square

15. Author: Jennifer Stewart Griffith 
Title: Legally Wedded: A marriage of convenience

16. Author: Rachelle Jolley Christensen
Title: Billionaire's Stray Heart

17.Author: Amberlee Day
Title: The Science, the Sea and the Billionaire

Sports and love

18. Author: Traci Hunter Abramson
Title: Chance for home

19. Author: Carole Malone
Title: Fightcard Romance Ladies’ Night

YA Romance

20. Author: Christene Houston
Title: A Heart So Broken

Bonus Author: Laura Cherrington Johnston

Title: Between Now and Never

Clean Romantic Suspense

Bonus Author: Shuanna S. Gonzales
Title: Dark Days of Promise


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