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 I cannot tell you about how special this moment is. This is my grandma holding my book. She's 101 years old! I lived with her for a semester in college, and she introduced me to Shrunk and White. She edited some of my early work. She's encouraged me to keep writing. I can't believe she lived long enough to see my book published. "I'm pleased and proud," she said.

If you want to hold your own copy of my book and breathe in the ink, it's now for sale at my publishers.

Or if you would like a break on shipping, leave a comment below and I'll see if we can get a copy to you.


  1. That is so cool you have your own book. One day I would love to write one as well.

    1. You should totally do it. But it is a lot of hard work! But it's a ton of fun!

  2. I know her! She's in the same care home my Mother-in-Law was in :) I've spent many an enjoyable afternoon visiting with those two ladies. She is a delightful, positive woman - you must feel so blessed to have such a grandmother :) And congrats on the book!

    1. Oh, Amy I'm so glad you were able to get to know her. She is an amazing woman, and I'm so grateful to still have her in my life. What a small world! Thank you!


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