True Story

Although this is a true story (I have witnesses!), I cannot verify the veracity of the comments or opinions of the people in this story.

A few months after we were married, my husband and I were walking to school (we were both still undergrads).  I was wearing an okay outfit, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed straw sunhat.  Though September, the Arizona sun was still brutally unforgiving.  Anyway, I felt dorky wearing the sunhat around campus.  Nobody wore hats, except baseball caps, but I was tired of the radiant heat burning my face to a crisp.  So, I had this big grin on my face, feeling a little silly that I was wearing this huge hat in public, and to school no less!  Just as we reached campus, there was a group of boys lolling about, skateboards in hands.  Before passing, one of the guys said to us, "You are a lucky guy!"  My grin got only bigger.  I was sure those guys were teasing Rob, and I waited to hear riotous laughing as soon as we passed, but there was none.  My hubby leaned close and said, "You hear that?  Those guys think you're hot."  I pushed him in the shoulder.  There was no way, that was possible.  I'm not proud about my looks, nor am I disparaging myself, but let's face it, I am no Angelina Jolie, certainly not an object of anyone's envy.  They were joking, surely.  Then the hubbs went on to explain one simple truth that has stuck with me all these years and now I'm going to pass it along to you: Women who smile are automatically more attractive.

So, my little tip for today gals, smile more.  Maybe some skaters will tell your hubby/companion that he is a lucky guy!


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