All I need to know I learned before Kindergarten

So, my middle child is all registered for kindergarten.  We opted not to send him to preschool as he is one of those active, imaginative boys that probably needs more sunshine and dirt than letters and numbers.  But questions keep me up at night, like did I teach him enough?  Will he make friends? Will he be successful?  Will his teacher love him as much as I do?  He's learned so much in the first five years being home.  There are so many life skills we learn before we go to school,  more than just don't eat your boogers and don't pass gas in public.  Home is really where we learn those vital skills like getting along, taking turns, principles of work, cooperation, patience.  It's hard to let go of something you've nurtured and cared for all this time.  I just want to keep him close and savor these few last moments of childhood.


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