Mondays are hard for me to write. I take one day off a week, Sunday, and try not the think of my story--not to plot it, figure out some secret of my characters, think of funny things to say. But then when I get to Monday, I can't get back into it. My story is so far away, I have to reread a bit, write some awful stuff, then finally, two hours later, get something worth keeping.

Rewriting one of my stories. It's offered some interesting insight. My husband suggest I go ahead and change some scenes, see how it might happen differently. It's hard because I like some of my scenes and rewriting them, I feel, is betraying my characters. Some scenes will benefit from rewriting, others, I really like. Rewritten the beginning six times now.


  1. On Sundays I do my best to do nothing related to lab. I try not to read any papers or think about it. But on Mondays sometimes this means I can't keep my thoughts straight. Sometimes I think the trick might be taking a little more time off and letting our brains really relax. Because Sunday isn't a relaxing brain day, there's a lot of stimulation going on with all that stuff we talk about at church. Sometimes i think we need a brain vegging day!


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