Did I mention?

Did I mention I started a new story. It's about a girl....nope! It's about a boy! Are you surprised? I started it thinking it would be a challenge (and because my husband didn't think I could do it) but it's coming along! Different to write a boy story than a girl story. I have to think differently, write differently. It's a great exercise.

Also decided to completely rewrite one of my novels. Actually, all of them. It's kind of depressing to think about it. They are just so far away from what I want them to be.

Differences between writing for girls than boys:
Girls: the boy has to be perfect and the girl flawed, but he still loves her.
Boys: the love story is second to the action, though it has to be there, the action comes first.
Girls: suspense is increased by tension in the relationship, will she end up with him?
Boys: suspense can come form conflict in the relationship, but there darn better be something else being blown up, shot up, cut up or otherwise destroyed.

Well, it's slower going. I have to get in touch with my inner boy, which is a little weird. We'll see how it turns out. At 38 pages or 23,000 words. Still could bomb. Writing is slower when I'm pregnant, no late nights foraying into my semi-conscious sleep-deprived creative mind.


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