Mystery Go-Round

I love my library and my library card. They give me access to so many free things. This week it was a Mystery writers-go-round. Thirty-five people or so signed up to have breakfast with some local mystery authors at our public library. We sat six or so to a table and the authors did a "speed-dating" style go-round where they spent only a few minutes at each table answering questions. One of the most meaningful things one of the authors, (Angie Fox NYTBS ) said when one of the others asked how to continue writing. She said (I think this would be copyrighted) : You have to find a story that excites you that makes you want to go to the computer and write every day.

I am now passing this on to you. I, like her, only write what I would want to read. I love my stories and my characters and I think it shows.


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