Chapter one


Chapter one is the most important chapter and the hardest one to write. So far as it stands, my chapter one is about ten single-spaced pages. It sets up characters introduces both the main conflict and the sub-conflict and yet, I'm not satisfied.
I let a few close friends, a sister, a mother- and sister-in-law and my mom read it. Everybody said something different.
My MOTHER thought it was boring. It didn't suck her in like Twilight. Ok, from now on, any young adult writer will be compared to Twilight--don't let that discourage you.
My sister laughed her head off. But she's like me and we shared the same room and brain for 16 years. Of course, she'd like it.
My sister-in-law thought it was crass because of the words "boobs" and "butt" and too sexual for mentioning spawning.
My friends thought it was pretty good, but perhaps a little twee.

Um, yeah.

So, I've decided that I can't please everyone. Sooooooo, I'm going to write what I like. Is it possible to be both crass and twee? I think that's what I'm going for here.

UPDATE: My M-I-L and my B-I-L (who is 17) read the first chapter and thought it was great and want to read more. But, my husband's family is full of cheerleaders, soo...But it made me feel good :) I am working on getting a copy to a friend who says he "missed his call as a proofreader." I'll post what horrible things he has to say, too.


  1. In the end you have to be happy about what you write, because that's important to like your own work. Just remember, you gave the chapter to very different people who probably all like very different kinds of books. Because even when everyone likes the same book, they usually don't like the same thing about it...hence people have book clubs! Just my thoughts!

  2. You're right. I'm not happy with it just yet and still working on it.


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