Introducing YA Fantasy

 You may be wondering why the genre switch...

First off, I want to make sure you know that I am not leaving behind my contemporary sweet romances or my mysteries. I will still continue to write in both genres. 


My personal mission has always been to create stories than anyone can enjoy whether you're 14 or 94. I write clean/fade to black/closed door/just kisses romances. I always will. Nothing changes. Just the setting.

Why YA?

I still read Young Adult literature and I feel like the genre is shifting into darker, steamier and grayer areas. I would love to make sure that my kids, your kids, our kids still have uplifting, clean books. Also no one tends to complain if there's not spice in them.  I love the adventure, the coming-of-age, the wonder and excitement of adventure. I consume these books with relish. Stay tuned for a list of my favorites low/no spice books enumerated in another post.

Will you be using a pen name?

I've gone back and forth about this a thousand times. I had one all picked out Amy Leduc. I even practiced writing her signature. But the hardest part is running a whole new social media, website, Shopify, TikTok, X, and newsletter. Although I love the idea of pen names to keep genre separated, I decided to be like Brandon Sanderson and just write everything under one name.

What's the publishing schedule look like when I add in another genre?

I've been working on planning this year and next so you can see completed series. Yes, I'll be still complete the series I already started. Don't worry.


In case you missed my social media post for my publishing schedule for the rest of the year (barring any other crazy event like a wedding), it will look like this:

Summer 2024: Beach Bargain Bungle (Seasons of Sugar Creek book 3) 

Fall of 2024: Weave of a Thousand Lies (Stitchbinding Chronicles book 1)

Winter of 2024: The Cookie Platter (Helping of Hope book 3). This will conclude this series, however I'm working on a spin-off series. 


Early winter of 2025: The Wing Girl (Gauche Girl book 2)

Late Winter of 2025: Three Spring Weddings (Seasons of Sugar Creek book 4) and cookbook. This will conclude the series, however, I still have ideas for novellas that I might add.

Summer of 2025: Mark of the Beast (Baker's Dozen book 3) I am so sorry this takes so long to get out. My publisher still holds the rights for the second book, so it's kind of defeating to try to even think about self-publishing it. I am working on scenes, characters, and conflicts for this book. (sorry it has taken so long to get this out. I promise it will be worth the wait.)

Fall/winter  of 2025: Chains of Deceit (Stitchbinding Chronicles book 2).

And beyond...

I think I can only do four books a year. I might be able to ramp it up after 2025, but we'll see.

Goals for 2026 and beyond: I would like to carry Baker's Dozen into five books, start the spin-off to the Helping of Hope series, and a book 3 to the Stitchbinding Chronicles. I have more YA fantasy and portal fantasy and The Third Wheel book 3 of Gauche Girl book planned.

Last question...

Why do I love writing in so many genres? I think it's because I read in so many genres and I find stories most interesting. Everyone tells me that in order to make money in this business, I have to stick to a genre, stick to a type of story etc. etc. But I can't. I go where my heart takes me. Thank you for going along with it and for being here for it. Thank you for supporting my stories and sharing my words with your friends. 


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