Christmas Top 5 Teen Gift-Giving Guide (most are $30 or less)

Christmas is a special time of year. I love how we are focused outward in giving service, making sure the poor are taken care of, and tending to our loved-ones.

I also love Christmas for the opportunity to give good gifts. My brother's slogan is give them the gift they didn't know they always wanted. That's a high commission to bear. No gift cards could possibly satisfy.

One of the hardest groups to buy for I think is teen boys, especially boys who aren't into sports. So I thought I'd offer a few suggestions in my first annual Teen Gift-Guide.  These are a few of my favorites things. Most are around $30 or less. Some of the DVD collections run a little higher.

For the TV/Movie buffs:

1. The Office complete series.

2. Harry Potter complete eight movies on DVD.

3. Indiana Jones complete four movies. (Although that last one was fan-fiction.)

4. Avatar: The last airbender is a favorite around my house. Even my 18 year-old daughter will watch it. I listened to it over Thanksgiving break and actually really enjoyed the writing and story.

5. Another series we loved (and watched during the pandemic) was Gargoyles. They had some great writers on there. Season Two was a little meh, but the first season was a-mazing! Xanatos is one of my favorite villains of all time.

The Techies:

1. Charging docking station allows you to charge your smart watch, your phone and your wireless earbuds all at the same time in one convenient location.

2. When your teen is on the go, they'll need one of these awesome power banks so they'll never give you the excuse that their battery ran out. 

3. If they're in to posting videos on social media, they'll love this selfie stick/tripod. I use mine quite a bit. I love that it has a remote for start and stop built in.

4. Or if they want one with a light, there's this sweet one with a light

5. I find these Popsockets make excellent stocking stuffers. My pinkies get so tired from propping up the phone. It's nice to let my other fingers do the work a bit.

Anime lovers:

1. Naruto hoody. My son loves Naruto and we are constantly buying him hoodies and shirts.

2. Here's the Bleach hoody. Seriously, my son would love this under my tree.

3. If you haven't watched Demon Slayer, you need to. My daughter loves it and asked for merch for Christmas. Check out this goodie pack.

4. Although Full Metal Alchemist isn't my favorite anime, my son would enjoy this pocket watch with their logo.

5. As much as I don't want to encourage this saying, I did find this shirt hilarious and nearly bought one for my daughter. I ended up going with a similar one to this one instead. 


1. I got both my son and daughter a water color set two years ago. Heck, I sneak into them and paint stuff with them too. 

2. The set of colored pencils I got my son has been a big hit. He's so selfish with them, though. He won't let me use them.

3.  You'll need art paper for them to draw/paint on of course. 

4. Be sure to frame their artwork and make your house like a gallery.

5. Or display/work with a table easel. I oil paint and I love my table easel. Easy to put up and take down and store.


1. Special addition boxed set of Harry Potter. (This is one of those that's more than $30.) Scholastic put out a complete set. My daughter bought them all for my 11 year old for Christmas this year.

2.  My favorite series is Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. We have signed copies of all his books. 

3. Another good series is Shadow and Bone Saga. If you've seen the Netflix series, you need to read the books. And the Six of Crows, which my daughter loved.

4. If your teen doesn't like to read, but you want your teen to enjoy books, you can always give an Audible Gift subscription. I love audiobooks to listen to in the car, while I do housework or working out.

5. If your teen likes to read a lot, but you don't like to spend lots of money on books, you can buy them a subscription to Kindle Unlimited where for the $9.99/a month your teen can read as many books as they'd like at no additional charge. Right now they are running a special for the first six months for $30.

I hope you found something for the picky person on your list. I may get a small commission if you purchase from these links at no cost for you.


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