Mother's Day Gift Buying Guide

 Hello! Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous moms who do way more than you should, get thanked way less than you ought, and are waaaaaay underpaid to listen to complaints about dinner! 


Mother's Day is this Sunday and I'm excited! My husband is really great about remembering flowers and gifts, unless he's not. Sometimes he forgets, like we all do sometimes. 

Are presents your love language?  There's the book (you can check it out on Amazon here), the Five Love Languages, that talks about how we give and expect to receive love. 

When I read it, I had a revelation! We often show love by how we want to be loved. 

I found out my husband's love language is acts of service after about, you know, 20 years of marriage when I finally figured out why he loves to help people all the time. It's his way of showing love. 

(My love language is time, by the way. I love to just sit and be with people I love. No need to get my presents, although I like those too. But if you really want to warm that love spot in my heart, give me a call sometime.) 

So, you can read up if you want about love languages and discover for yourself how you show and expect love. 

Now if your love language is gifts, you're in luck, (kinda.) My brother's love language is gifts, and it makes it really hard to buy for him. He defines the perfect gift as one you didn't know you always wanted. (I got him a tabletop pizza maker and he loved that thing! Seven minutes and you get perfectly crispy crust!) 

So I decided to put together a little gift guide for those of you, like me, who struggle to buy other people gifts because what they should really want is just to hang out with you!

Ahem, without further ado!

 Top Five Favorite Gifts for Mother's Day!!

1. Audible Gift subscription. I didn't even know you can gift subscriptions, but what a brilliant idea this is! I love Audible! I can listen to audiobooks while I drive, clean, do all those boring mommy tasks like laundry, dishes, and exercising. I feel like I'm not wasting my time. One of my all time favorites here!

2. Fruit Towers. There's something cool about getting one of these. And I like the fresh fruit. I may want a little candy and nuts or whatever, but I love the fresh fruit.

3. And speaking of fruit. I love Edible Arrangements. (Right now they have a coupon for pick up orders). My husband knows to get me one of these at least once a year, either my birthday or Mother's Day.  Or if you are handy, you can make your own by watching this YouTube video here.

4. Books. I love getting books for any holiday. Of course, I'm a reader and a writer and my house is positively overflowing with books. You can get her an ereader!

5. Personal shopper for clothes. I would seriously pay someone money to dress me! I hate clothes shopping like, I loath it! So this might be something your might mom enjoy, too!


Whatever you decide to get your mom, she will love it and appreciate what came from the heart!

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