A few of my favorite things!

These are some of my most used items! I couldn't live without these items!

1. Grocery delivery or curbside pick up. Wal-mart, Safeway even my local H-E-B gained popularity during COVID. But I've been doing pick up for at least a year before the pandemic! It's worth $5 to have someone else spend an hour shopping for me.

2. Slowcooker bags For fast and easy clean up, I use these for my slow cooker! Easy recipe? Chicken breasts, one chopped onion and BBQ sauce. Let sit on low for 6 hours! Eat on buns.

3. Dry shampoo Some days I just don't have time to go through my full shower routine. On those days, I rely on dry shampoo to keep my hair from looking nasty. I might even go two to three days!

4. Ath-leisure wear like these pants here that have a side pocket for your phone. I love the ones I got. You can't even feel your phone. Comfy, sporty and I feel nice in them.


5. A planner like this one to help keep my organized on track. When I have due dates and do dates, I keep track of it all in a planner. I refer to it often. Lots of people use their phones, but I still rely on paper!

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  1. You already know that I love you. Also, I love the encouragement and help that you so willingly give to others. You make the world a better place. I don't know why it is only giving Mike's e-mail. Mine is karensdogs808@gmail.com.

    1. aw, I sure love you both! I am so grateful to both of you! You guys are amazing!


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