Sweet Romance and Switzerland

Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the day I received my mission call and assignment to serve in Switzerland. I was so excited. I had wanted to go to Switzerland and speak French since I was nine years old. But you don't get to pick where you go, so I felt real blessed. You are probably wondering what living in Switzerland and a sweet romance have to do with each other.

While I was in Switzerland I had many choice experiences. I met so many wonderful faithful people. And I had some crazy adventures that come with living in a foreign country. It was hard to leave my friends, family and everything familiar to me, to live in a country with differing cultures, language and customs. But I learned and grew a lot and I learned to love the people, not just a country.

From this love sprang this novel about Lainey Peterson who overcomes adversity and fear, perseveres through some tough situations and also manages to fall in love with a great guy. But Lainey wants to get into the Chocolate department, and she doesn't have time for a distraction or a forbidden romance.

Yves Claremont is ambitious and hardworking. He wants to honor his late father by becoming a Vice president at Alpine Foods. However, once he hires Lainey in his Pet Care department, he starts to admire her. But inner-office relationships are forbidden. So he must not allow himself to have feelings for her.

When a co-worker, jealous of Yves' success, tries to sabotage his career, he tries to take down both Lainey and Yves.


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